All my projects disappeared from Project Explorer of Eclipse : Eclipse bug and its Solutions

I am an android developer and i use Eclipse IDE for android and java related development. I love eclipse very much as it has many handy features that enables fast developments. But sometime it gives trouble which may take your time too. Very recently i faced an amazing problem “All the projects disappear from eclipse project explorer”. This problem may arise due to the corruptions of meta data file of a work space(i guess but not sure).

I got this problem (Empty project list) after unusual shutdown of an eclipse. After exploring some time in Google i found the solutions for it.
Here is the steps to overcome this eclipse bug.

  • Close Eclipse.
  • open your terminal
  • go to /home/user/workspace/.metadata/.plugins
  • execute command rm -rf org.eclipse.core.resources
  • Start Eclipse
  • go to File->Import then General->Existing Projects into Workspace
    Click the “Select root directory” field and browse to each subfolder in your workspace folder, and import.
  • .

    That’s all.

    After this you can see all the projects from workspace to eclipse projects explorer.
    Hope this will help someone somewhere at some point of time.